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Product Prioritization with Kano method

How to build a product customers love with Kano model When delivering a product, teams are usually focused on getting a good mix of quality and effort. However, they might spend months and even years on a high-quality stuff - but no one needs it after all. How to build a product that people will buy and use for sure? Kano method with his product prioritization matrix will help you.

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How to make an Eisenhower decision matrix

How to Prioritize Tasks Like President Eisenhower I bet time to time you’re disappointed with how to organize all your tasks and what to do first, and therefore can’t start getting things done. It’s not something exceptional, as 43% of Americans report they wanna be more organized. Would you like to replace your tedious to-do lists with something more efficient? Let’s take a look at what President Eisenhower’s time management approach can teach us about that.

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Prioritization Matrix: Ushering in a New Era of Collaboration and Organization For Your Projects

Regardless of the type of business you’re running or even the industry you’re operating in, so much of your success on a daily basis comes down to your ability to make quick, effective decisions at a moment’s notice. Equally important is your ability to see the “bigger picture” - how does that seemingly small decision you’re making on a project today affect you and your team tomorrow, next week or even a year from now?

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