An agile backlog prioritization tool
that makes a difference

Don't spend too much time on managing your tasks and start getting things done

Simplify your workflow management right now with project prioritization software

As a product owner, you’re in charge of too many things at once. We help you keep your backlog organized
and spot the priorities at a glance, so you can say goodbye to inefficient docs and tables.

An agile matrix to prioritize user stories with ease

Reach your most important goals in a timely manner with value/urgency assessments at a glance.

Heatmaps to understand the areas of improvements

See the whole picture to adjust your workflow and fix if something can break your plans

Kanban boards and cards for all your ideas

Never lose a task! Replace tables, docs and presentations with project prioritization software and keep all your tasks at one place.

Progress tracking to focus on results

Assess the progress on tasks with project prioritization software to see if you meet the deadlines.

models created
hours saved on planning
You are in a good company.
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Agile backlog prioritization by Strategic Quadrant is your key
to higher productivity and effectiveness

Saving time

Reduce project
planning time

Your top priorities are on an agile priority matrix, so you don’t need much time for planning and can spend it more productively.
Saving time

Understand potential
workflow threats

Project prioritization software helps you easily spot when you focus on low-priority tasks and fix it until you fail the important deadline.
Saving time

Forget about precise micromanagement

All team members can use agile backlog prioritization to adjust their workflow, so there is no need to control them all the time.
Saving time

Satisfy customers with
relevant improvements

When you apply product backlog prioritization technique, you focus on the most important product features first, so customers can thank you.

People say why they like Strategic Quadrant

Matt McCrea who tells how Strategic Quadrant helps him build his strategies
Matt McCrea, Principal and Founder of Avanza CS, a strategy execution consulting firm
Strategic Quadrant is an easy-to-use business modeling tool. It’s designed for business people. It’s visual and allows teams to quickly organize their ideas and thoughts so that team can focus on meaningful conversations.
Mary Gerush who describes the benefits of Strategic Quadrant for her team
Mary Gerush, Consultant, Former Senior Analyst at Forrester Research
The Strategic Quadrant is a simple yet powerful tool that helps people make better decisions. Its flexibility means it can be used in a variety of ways, and it’s particularly useful in a group. It takes a lot of the emotion out of the equation, so teams can focus on what’s most important as they make decisions and set direction.
Keith Leust’s testimonial for Strategic Quadrant
Keith Leust, Partner, LeaderShift Authentic Insights, Inc
Strategy planning is not done by one person in a corner-office. It’s a collaborative and team-based approach. Strategic Quadrant allows a team to focus on the contents rather than the tool. It elicits the critical conversations that are needed to create strategic alignment. It provides an easy-to-use UI that let teams create, manage, and track organization's services and processes. Also, the heatmap allows a team to focus on business values and what’s important to the organizations.
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