Super easy to use collaboration tool to plan and identify pain points in your business processes at a glance.

Keep all your processes under control, see priorities
and analyze what you need to improve on.

All-in-one tool for evaluation of business process

Build a business process catalog in one place

We can help you organize your business processes with simple elegant boards instead of keeping them in mind or struggling with complex software.

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See the most important processes with a 2x2 matrix

Convert boards into 4-quadrant matrices and prioritize them with a click according to their value and business risk with business process modeling software.

Identify pain points with a heatmap

By coupling the heat scores, you can see what processes require improvements right on your dashboard, with no additional efforts or tools.

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models created
hours saved on planning

Make our business process modeling software yours
with a few clicks - and feel the impact immediately

You can start enjoying fast and seamless evaluation of business process
performance right after signup, without any trainings or boring setups.
Faster evaluation of business process performance
Business architects save 75% of their investigation efforts as they have automated process for identifying pain points or evaluating processes.
Big picture in a corner of your eye
Your decisions are more informed with a business process catalogue as there’s no thing out of your control.
Efficient replacement of mish-mash of different files
Whatever you’ve been using before (or even just keeping the whole picture in your mind), you can replace it with one tool.
You are in a good company.
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People say why they like Strategic Quadrant

Jennifer Eggers describes how Strategic Quadrant helps her build strategies.
Jennifer Eggers, Partner, LeaderShift Authentic Insights, Inc
Capabilities Drive Strategy. If an organization can clearly articulate what to deliver in order to drive its strategy, it can align around delivering those capabilities. Using Strategic Quadrant allows me to identify organizational capabilities in a relatively short session with an organization or functional leadership.
Keith Leust’s testimonial for Strategic Quadrant
Keith Leust, Partner, LeaderShift Authentic Insights, Inc
Strategy planning is not done by one person in a corner-office. It’s a collaborative and team-based approach. Strategic Quadrant allows a team to focus on the contents rather than the tool. It elicits the critical conversations that are needed to create strategic alignment. It provides an easy-to-use UI that let teams create, manage, and track organization's services and processes. Also, the heatmap allows a team to focus on business values and what’s important to the organizations.
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Try it now. No credit card needed