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Understanding the Difference Between CEM and CX

The term “customer experience” has seen a lot of buzz over recent months. As the age of the “empowered customer” begins with earnest, organizations are beginning to realize that the only way that they can truly differentiate themselves from their competitors, is to offer a unique, memorable experience to their customers. Unfortunately, the practices and methodologies that have emerged around customer experience can be a little confusing if you’re new to the area.

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Perfect Prioritizing: Common Mistakes Made in Product Prioritization

There are plenty of reasons why your product might fail. Bad user experience, limited functionality, or even a mistake in manufacturing could send you back to the drawing board. However, companies frequently forget that a range of problems can appear during the product prioritization stage - before development even begins. Priorities are powerful things. Even if you have exceptional productivity and efficiency in your organization, those factors won’t mean much unless you’re focusing them on the most critical aspects of your company.

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