How to Help Your Team to Prioritize Their Activities

By Andy Sio
October 5, 2017

How to Help Your Team to Prioritize Their Activities

When trying to find effective solutions for prioritization, productivity, and task management, you’ve probably heard the suggestion that you should make a priority matrix to help you list urgent items and important tasks. While there are a bevy of software and apps on the market today to help you with task management, you’ll still need to consider how to lead your small team with the minimal time you have to complete things.

While software can help you make an effective priority matrix, listing out what needs to be done and who can do it, it won’t always work when something new or urgent arrives. For instance, if you land a new client but have no people that can assist that person, you’ve got a problem on your hands that your software can’t handle.

Know Your People

What you need to be able to do to create an effective task management strategy is to know the people you have on your team, and also understand how to get them to do what you need them to do. People aren’t machines, so they won’t always do everything exactly the way you want them to unless you know your individual team members well enough to help predict and prevent any issues early on.

If you really know your people well, you should be able to assign them tasks with excellent directions that can help them perform better. After all, your human resources are really the most valuable asset you have, and as long as you comprehend how to help them prioritize and perform their tasks, you should be able to get the performance you need out of them to get through your task management list with excellent productivity.

Motivate Your Team

Even if you can create the best priority matrix in your industry, and you feel you’ve got your task management outlined well, you might still have a problem. If your team isn’t dedicated to performing their jobs and getting their tasks done, your fantastic priority matrix won’t make much of a difference. So, what can you do to motivate your people and make sure they are all doing the jobs that are best for them? I’ve got a few ideas listed below that should help you achieve that.

Creating Your Lists

Once you’ve got your strategy down for building your team, increasing productivity, and making sure task management strategies help build better time management skills, you’ll need to review how to prioritize tasks overall so you know how to present them effectively to your team.

There are four to-do lists that can help keep you organized and focused while you guide your team to boot their productivity. These lists are:

Now that you can motivate your team and create an effective priority matrix, you should be able to effectively increase your worker productivity while guiding your people to focus on the important and urgent tasks that need to be completed. Proper motivation goes a long way in keeping a team both productive and effective, and combining this with better organization should help keep your organization performing well.

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