Derive Business Value with Capability Modeling Tools

Easily define the key capabilities of your organization and areas of improvements it has to focus on to become successful.

Design capability-based business models with a few clicks

Organization always strive to understand how they can deliver more value to customers and focus all business units on that
goal. Strategic Quadrant helps architects make business capability analysis with a 2x2 priority matrix and heatmaps, and
communicate goals and visions from the top down with shared models.

Categorize capabilities

Strategic Quadrant business architecture software helps you easily asses values aligned to the high level goals and map them on a 4-quadrant matrix for quick but comprehensive analysis.

Visualize the complexity

See the big picture with matrices and heat maps and spot the core capabilities and areas of improvements at a glance, no matter if you’re a team of one or an enterprise of hundreds.

Share the holistic views with your team

You can share your capability model with coworkers to rally them around common goals and motivate them by showing what value they can bring to customers.

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Our business capability modelling tools gather and structure
information for fast and efficient strategic decisions

Saving time

Quick decision-making

Access the information quickly and effortlessly from visual matrices.
Saving time

No analysis paralysis

With our enterprise architecture capability model, forget about researches and meetings that often lead to a dead end.
Saving time

Common picture, for all

Keep all your coworkers focused with shared models, no matter how big your team is.

Why successful business architects
our architecture capability model

Jennifer Eggers describes how Strategic Quadrant helps her build strategies.
Jennifer Eggers, Partner, LeaderShift Authentic Insights, Inc
Capabilities Drive Strategy. If an organization can clearly articulate what to deliver in order to drive its strategy, it can align around delivering those capabilities. Using Strategic Quadrant allows me to identify organizational capabilities in a relatively short session with an organization or functional leadership.
Keith Leust’s testimonial for Strategic Quadrant
Keith Leust, Partner, LeaderShift Authentic Insights, Inc
Strategy planning is not done by one person in a corner-office. It’s a collaborative and team-based approach. Strategic Quadrant allows a team to focus on the contents rather than the tool. It elicits the critical conversations that are needed to create strategic alignment. It provides an easy-to-use UI that let teams create, manage, and track organization's services and processes. Also, the heatmap allows a team to focus on business values and what’s important to the organizations.
Try it now. No credit card needed
Try it now. No credit card needed