ITIL Service Catalog Assessment Template

By Mark Jacobson
July 31, 2017

Simple ITIL Service Catalog Template You Can Implement Right Now

When you build a great product, you think that everyone should share your passion about it with no additional explanations. However, it’s not true, and even your client may lose understanding of all things you deliver. Want to provide transparency and quick access to them? This ITIL Service Catalog Template will help you (and feel free to borrow it right after reading).

IT Processes and Services Catalog Assessments Template

##ITIL service catalog management simplifies access to your offerings

ITIL Service catalog Management is aimed to provide all stakeholders of an organization (first of all, clients) with transparency and understanding of services and product offerings. In other words, your client should get information about a product he pays for easily and quickly, with no outside help.

It might be a spreadsheet or a database that lists all information about product offerings and services, categorized according to the stages of development or departments.

A great ITIL Service catalog sample provides: - a single place for everything you offer - standardized approach - an opportunity for self-service

It’s highly important to ensure that you listed all items accurately and provided information about their availability.

What ITIL Service Catalog Template includes

Depending on a type of a product or service, the information varies. However, there are common things in ITIL Service Catalog Management.

To provide a client with relevant and concise information, every ITIL service catalog template has to contain: - service name (either way, how do you plan to describe it?) - service description (provide people with more details) - availability (in detail: what time and how your service or offering is available) - service owner (person in charge of it, able to discuss it) - service criticality (determined by business need)

Also, you might add a backup information (how frequently you do it) and support representative contact information (or a salesperson).

ITIL Service Catalog Template you can adapt to your needs

You should focus on your product or service and your customer for ITIL Service catalog Management.

ITIL Service catalog template in Strategic Quadrant

IT Processes and Services Catalog Assessments Template

This ITIL Service Catalog sample by Strategic Quadrant organizes items according to the stages of a business process. Thus, we have services on Align, Plan and Organize stage, then Implementations stage, Delivery, Evaluation, and Processes.

Strategic Quadrant allows you to gather all processes on elegant boards with cards. They are easy-to-use and clear for everyone. You can describe every process in detail, assign Business Value and Risk criteria to them, and assess performance. Moreover, you can view your catalog as a matrix or a heatmap to convey the big picture.

ITIL Service Catalog Sample as a matrix

Also, it’s possible to assign a particular person to a service, so they can be in charge of it. If you need to show your catalog with a client, you simply share a model with him or her.

It will save your efforts on keeping too many things in mind, or navigating through many papers, as you have everything at one place, available at any time.

Use this template now

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